NERVES (Neurosurgery Executives’ Resource Value and Education Society) is the first national neurosurgery practice manager and administrator society in the United States. This organization is the result of an initiative by CSNS. Like other medical subspecialty societies, NERVES was established with the purpose of helping neurosurgery practice managers and administrators network, combine resources to gather information, and learn from their colleagues about how to build stronger practices.

As a member, NERVES will be your resource for:

  • Advice and solutions from your fellow practice managers on neurosurgery specific practice issues via the members only Listserv
  • An opportunity to contribute to the most comprehensive benchmarking report for neurosurgery practices by completing the Socio-Economic Surveyparticipating practices receive a free copy
  • Continuing education and networking opportunities at the NERVES Annual Meetingmembers receive special pricing
  • Articles, member profiles and NERVES news through our electronic newsletter
  • Additional resources and networking opportunities on the private Members Only side of the website

How to become a member of NERVES:

Membership dues are $250 per year (January 1st to December 31st ). To join the Neurosurgery Executives Resource Value & Education Society (NERVES), click here to apply for membership online.