Winter 2022 A Message from RosmanSearch

Hello NERVES Members,

Starting your recruitment on the right foot is only half of the recruitment equation. Once you’ve identified your top candidates, these four tips will help you to have your new hire signing on the dotted line!

  1. Learn about your candidate’s unique needs: Each of your candidates will be interested in your opportunity for different reasons. Understanding their needs and providing related resources during site visits will help your program to stand out from the others.
  2. Provide transparent updates if there are any delays: All hiring processes have hiccups. If there is a delay in getting a contract out or providing the next step, provide these updates to your candidate.
  3. Continue to recruit until you have a signed letter of intent: Even once your top candidate has received a letter of intent (LOI), continue interviewing candidates until you have a contract or a signed LOI returned to you.
  4. Keep the process moving! Much like starting your recruitment, your success depends largely on your commitment to keeping the process moving forward. Top candidates may settle for their second choice if they feel like their first-choice program is not progressing.

Our neurosurgery recruiters consult with hundreds of programs each year. Our collaborative approach helps us to boast our 95% 5-year retention rate for our signed candidates and over a 90% fill-rate. Kindly let us know how we can help fill your toughest recruitments.

Beth Dery
[email protected]
President & COO
RosmanSearch | Website

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