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Mayfield Brain & Spine
Q&A with Mike Radomski, VP Finance & CFO

Michael Radomski, Mayfield Brain & Spine

Mayfield Brain & Spine is one of the nation's leading physician organizations for neurosurgical treatment, education, and research. With more than 30 specialists in neurosurgery, interventional neuroradiology, physical medicine and rehabilitation, pain management, and physical therapy, Mayfield treats 25,000 patients from more than 30 states in a typical year. Mayfield physicians lead neurosurgery programs at hospitals in four major health systems in the Greater Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky region.
The Mayfield Spine Surgery Center has performed more than 13,000 outpatient surgeries and more than 34,000 procedures during the last 12 years.
The Mayfield Surgical Innovation Center, a state-of-the-art training facility for spine and cranial surgery technology and minimally invasive procedures, is a collaboration between Mayfield and the Mayfield Education & Research Foundation.


Q: What is Mayfield best known for?

A: Mayfield has a legacy in neurosurgery that is recognized world-wide. It is based on our history of technology development, organized neurosurgery leadership, and neurosurgeon training. This includes development of surgical instrumentation that is used in ORs around the world. More recently, our collaboration with multi-specialty boards at our partner hospitals has led to advances in the treatment of complex care of brain tumors, neurovascular disease, and spinal disorders. For example, our brain tumor specialists have played an integral role in our partners’ recognition as two of the nation’s first hospital programs to earn the Joint Commission’s Gold Seal for Brain Tumor Care.

Q: What is the most important change Mayfield has made in the last 5 years?

A: One of our most significant changes in many years has been the transition from Mayfield’s dual role as a private practice and academic training program to a community-based private practice with a continuing focus on research and education. The clinical transition has been made easier because supporting the entire Greater Cincinnati community and each of its community healthcare systems has been part of our mission since our founding more than 80 years ago. The Mayfield Education & Research Foundation training and education programs and our internal medical communications team have enabled us to maintain some important aspects of teaching and training while providing a vehicle to renew clinical research and publication activities.  

Q: What is the most important change Mayfield is making right now?

A: Mayfield has decentralized certain aspects of our leadership and processes that are now led by each of our centers of excellence. This is allowing us to focus more clearly on patient care issues that are germane to each neurological subspecialty area such as spine, vascular, brain tumor, movement disorders, and Chiari malformation.

Q: What keeps you awake at night?

A: It’s a long list! (See the following question!) Two other broad issues come to mind. First, it has been said for years that “all healthcare is local.” Nevertheless, healthcare delivery and competition from beyond the local market continue to develop. Second, maintaining a leading practice in today’s competitive environment requires so much more investment in both people and technology.

Q: What are your views about a topic currently in the news?

A: Many people are asking whether a public option is inevitable. I would say no. Death and taxes are inevitable. A public option, including a single-payer approach, is certainly a topic of significant conversation and part of the platform for most of the Democratic candidates. I would not be surprised if a public option is created in some form, but there are significant barriers to upending one-fifth of the economy. It is stating the obvious, but a public option would potentially create great financial challenges for all providers as well as insurance, technology, and pharmaceutical companies, among others.



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