July 2022 CSNS Liaison Report

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the Winter CSNS EC Meeting in Washington, DC due to a prior commitment, but was able to attend the CSNS Meeting in Philadelphia during both the NERVES Annual Educational Meeting and the AANS Annual Meeting. This was the first in-person plenary meeting since the onset of COVID. There were many topics discussed as resolutions and I will highlight some of the ones that should be of interest to our group.

  • Cost Awareness Amongst Neurosurgeon Faculty and Residents: A Need for Health Care Sustainability Education
  • Case Minimum and Credentialing Requirements
  • Creating Sustainable Reimbursement for the Physician Workforce of the Future (Medicare)
  • Evaluating Medical Error Reporting Practices in Neurological Intensive Care Units (Emergency Resolution pertaining to the criminal conviction of a neurosurgical ICU nurse)

I was also asked to sit on a lunch panel at the CSNS luncheon that was focused on philanthropy, how to pursue it and what areas within a practice that it can help, like bridge research funding, helping backstop certain clinical programs that lack reimbursement but are critical to high functioning centers and teams.

J. Todd Barnes, MBA, CMPE

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