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Renewal Time! The 2020 Renewal period is now open! You can renew your membership through December 31. Individual letters of renewal have been sent via email. Your letter provides a personalized link to your member profile. Thank you in advance for spending the time to review your profile and provide us with your current information. Knowing the make-up of our membership will help ensure that meeting content, Survey data and member benefits remain relevant.

There is strength in numbers, spread the word among your neurosurgery peers to consider joining and supporting NERVES! With the many challenges facing our specialty we will be more successful if we have the support of our entire industry. Should you have any issues with renewing or updating your profile, please contact [email protected].

Website Refresh – In the coming months, you will notice some big changes to our website, The Communications Committee has been hard at work, teaming up with Glia Media (a division of Mayfield Clinic) to make some critical updates, including: responsive formatting – you’ll be able to better view content across all mobile devices; streamlined navigation, member spotlights, dynamic news feeds, fresh content and featured stories, and more!

We expect to go live with the site before the end of the year, so if you haven’t already, please bookmark The Communications Committee will share an email broadcast when the site is ready to be unveiled!

New E-lists – Based on the widespread interest we had regarding the spine center discussions, NERVES has established new sub-groups to help target questions to our various types of practices. You are invited to subscribe to the list(s) that best fit your needs: NERVES Academic Practices, NERVES Hospital Practices, NERVES Private Practices.

These newly established lists are in addition to our member-wide E-list and can all be managed through your member profile.  You must subscribe to a list to begin sending/receiving emails. Follow these steps to manage your subscriptions (also a great time to update your member profile and add a photograph!)

  • Visit the member page on the website:
  • Click on “Member Login”
  • Sign in (if you have forgotten your password, click “forgot password” to reset)
  • Your member profile page will appear; click on “My Features” and click on “E-lists” from the drop-down menu
  • From here, you can choose to subscribe to any of the NERVES E-lists (NOTE: We suggest enabling “Email Delivery” so that messages are sent directly via email. Rules to manage email inflow can be enabled via Outlook, Lotus Notes, etc. By not enabling “Email Delivery,” members will have to sign in to their profile to access E-list communications.)

 Additional Information

POSTING TO THE LIST: You must be a subscriber to post messages.  Sending mail will distribute it to all members of the E-list. We suggest you add the appropriate email address listed below to your contact list for easy retrieval. (Messages to these lists are not moderated. Content of your posting will not be reviewed before it is delivered. Every posting to the list is delivered to every member of the list. Please review and abide by the E-list guidelines found here.)   

NERVES Academic Practices (add [email protected] to your address book)

NERVES Hospital Practices (add [email protected] to your address book)

NERVES Private Practices (add [email protected] to your address book)

EDIT PROFILE: To update your profile information, sign into the NERVES website,, under your profile, click Edit, be sure to save any changes.

QUESTIONS: If you have any questions related to the NERVES members only listserv, please email the administrator at [email protected] or call at 704-940-7386.

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