Winter 2022 Member Spotlight

Name, Title, Employer: Cynthia Voorhees MSN, RNFA, ACNP-BC. CFO of TNSPINE PLLC.

How long have you been a NERVES member: I am new. Not even a year and I have enjoyed it very much.  

How long have you been in the role and what past jobs/experiences led up to this role: I am an Acute Nurse Practitioner by trade. I have been on the job for 7 years. Started as a Nurse Practitioner and little by little I started taking additional roles until I became the CFO. I enjoyed learning new material, especially if I don't understand it, it becomes a personal challenge to master it until I do.  

Number of clinical MDs, researchers, total faculty; size of Department(s): We have 3 full time neurosurgeons and a partnership with 4 military neurosurgeons and adding 3 more neurosurgeons in 2023. 

What have you struggled with or had success with during COVID this year: The whole covid experience felt very surreal. Never thought I would see something like this in my lifetime.  Other than that, we had an amazing year during covid. Patients wanted to have their surgeries then since they had an opportunity to stay home.  

I completed my Master’s in 2008 and since then I have only worked in the Neurosurgery field. I trained in a level 1 hospital with the trauma and neurosurgical team, and I developed a love for Neurosurgical patients.  At the time, I was starting a family and even though I loved the ICU, I had to find another job that would allow me to be home on time and be a mom. In 2015 Dr. Galvan and myself founded TNSPINE PLLC. We started with One doctor and One NP. We have expanded to 6 doctors and a partnership with 4 military doctors.  As my job expanded, I became the CFO. I love my job, I get to work on the business part of the job and be a clinical provider for the other half of the time. I get to see both worlds. I have learned so much about coding and billing and contracting with insurances. I do all the coding for the doctors, and I feel that being able to assist in the surgeries helped me understand the coding part. I take as many classes as I can regarding Neurosurgery coding and billing. I also assist with all the negotiations regarding contracting and hospitals. I take pride in being an advocate for the doctors regarding business matters. In another life I feel that I could have been a health care lawyer. I am very passionate about my job. It does not feel like a job, it's part of my life, of who I am. I work with an amazing young group of Neurosurgeons that are open to ideas and support me 100% of the time. They inspire me to be better and do the best for our patients and the practice. What is my superpower? My hard work. I work 150% on everything, I am very dedicated and loyal to my profession. I’ve been able to accomplish the goals I set for myself professionally. I love being part of NERVES, because when I read the emails, it makes me feel that I am not struggling alone. There are other administrators having the same struggles or questions as I have.  I also learn about policies or what's coming down the pipeline.

I am married and I have 4 wonderful children. We love to travel to different parts of the world. One of my hobbies is the Peloton.

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