November 2019 Newsletter - NERVES Constructs its Mission, Vision and Value Statements

NERVES Constructs its Mission, Vision and Value Statements

Organizations create mission, vision and value statements to provide direction for everything that happens in an organization. These statements help leaders and members stay focused on the organization’s purpose, its future objectives, and its core values and beliefs. Every organization should draft these 3 statements, and they should be set out clearly.  An organization should expect its leaders and members to behave in a way that furthers its mission, vision, and values.  Our NERVES Board of Directors used a portion of our summer meeting to create these 3 important statements.  Our process was collaborative and creative as we worked through several brainstorming exercises that resulted in pictures, ideas, words, themes, and finally… our statements.  

Mission Statement = Purpose  

The NERVES Board reflected on why NERVES exists. What are our products, services, markets, values, image, and priorities?  We believe NERVES is a connection point for so many things that are essential to executives in our industry.  Our Mission Statement puts emphasis on this idea of connection and ensures that we preserve it as our primary purpose.

To connect neurosurgery executives to resources, education, and data to enhance value for the business of neurosurgery.

 Vision Statement = Future Objective

Next, the NERVES Board moved on to the Vision Statement. The Vision Statement required us to describe the future objectives of NERVES that would guide our internal decision-making. It needed to be inspirational and aspirational – it needed to paint a picture for the future of NERVES. We needed to decide “where do we want to go”?  We absolutely believe that NERVES can, and will, be the dominant organization that everyone in the industry turns to for reliable and important resources. Our Vision Statement describes what we are trying to build and is a touchstone for our future actions.

To be the pre-eminent and most trusted resource for neurosurgical leaders.

Value Statement = Organization’s Culture and Beliefs

Finally, the NERVES Board addressed our Value Statement.  A Value Statement explains the organization’s culture and beliefs.  It shows the ideology of the company and is a firm stance that does not change over time.  A Value Statement helps the organization confront problems and issues. When faced with a problem, we want our NERVES Value Statement to guide us to solutions that include collaboration, sharing, best practices, innovation, and trust.

We promote supportive collaborations through sharing of knowledge, best practices and innovative solutions within a trusted neurosurgical network.


We want to highlight the things that bring us together and matter to us as an organization. To support our members with a clearly defined focus, NERVES created and released its Mission, Vision and Value Statements in the 2nd half of 2019.  These 3 statements unite our members with a common purpose, future objective, and defined culture and belief. Please take these statements to heart and think of them when acting with, and on behalf of, NERVES.  We will use these statements to guide our way in this organization.

Donna Bailer, JD, LLM

Executive Administrator, Department of Neurosurgery

University of Alabama at Birmingham (“UAB”)

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