November 2019 Newsletter - NERVES 2019 Socio-Economic Survey

NERVES 2019 Socio-Economic Survey

Thank you!

The NERVES 2019 Socio-Economic Survey is in full swing. The survey period has just recently concluded and our friends at Katz Sapper & Miller (KSM) will soon begin the process of analyzing and readying the data for the survey report.

It’s hard to believe that NERVES has been gathering neurosurgical survey data now for 16 years. Most of you know that NERVES was formed with several objectives in mind. One of those principal objectives was development of a survey tool for neurosurgery practices across the country to use in benchmarking their performance. The survey tool was in response to the saying that “you can’t manage what you don’t measure”!

Thank you to those initial NERVES Board members that partnered with Mike Heaton and his Heaton & Eadie team (now KSM) to blaze the trail for that first NERVES survey in 2004! The efforts of those committed individuals have led to what is now the most comprehensive neurosurgery practice survey in the country.

A big thank you as well to our current NERVES Survey Committee – NERVES members Todd Barnes, Beth Baucom, Derek Cantrell, Eric Chappell, Kevin Hockenson & Mike Radomski and KSM members Mike Heaton, Emily Johnson & Amber Moore. The work of your Survey Committee essentially has three phases.

The first phase is all about preparation. The Committee reviews the previous questionnaire and survey. Feedback is obtained from NERVES members, neurosurgeons and others that use the data. Potential changes are then evaluated relative to the time and effort to gather the data. As was noted with the questionnaire distribution, a concerted effort was made this year to reduce the survey time by eliminating many data points that were deemed to have reduced value to practices.

The second phase is all about distribution and collection. The survey questionnaire is distributed to the NERVES membership. Several other neurosurgery distribution channels are also used. Examples of these include e-mails by AANS to their neurosurgeon members and Judy Rosman to her neurosurgery network contacts. The Committee then spends a great deal of time reaching out and encouraging membership to participate both through the listserv as well as with individual e-mails and phone calls. It may be that the amount of follow up is perceived as annoying at times. We prefer to liken it to the grain of sand that irritates the oyster and creates a pearl. Our follow up is that grain of sand and the NERVES Survey report is that pearl!        

The third and last phase is where we stand now. After analyzing and summarizing the data, KSM will produce draft reports for review by the Committee. KSM follows careful guidelines to ensure that reported data meets required Federal Trade Commission minimums to protect the unintended disclosure of individual practice data. The Committee reviews the draft reports and after all needed corrections are made, the final survey documents are produced for participating practices. The 2019 NERVES Survey reports are expected to be ready for distribution to participants no later than January.

Lastly, a great thanks to NERVES membership for supporting the Survey efforts year in and year out and especially a thanks to those that were able to participate this year. Based on preliminary numbers, you contributed to another great year as we set a new high with 817 neurosurgeons participating. A total of 88 practices were represented.

Finally, as fall progresses and cold weather winter unfortunately sets in later on this year and early next, every NERVES member is encouraged to cuddle up with your NERVES Survey. If you participated, your copy will be delivered to you free of charge! For everyone else, please make a “small donation” to NERVES so that you too can enjoy the Survey!

Thank you all!

Mike Radomski

Mayfield Clinic

NERVES Survey Committee


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